Thursday, 27 December 2012

Generic Holiday Post

Hope everyone had a good Christmas with lots of presents and good food. I personally love getting things because I'm probably a bit too materialistic for my own good. Just a little bit.

We went to my Grandma's apartment for dinner and on the way I could smell the food from everyone else's homes. I was a bit jealous because I would have loved to have some ham or gravy.


My favorite thing that I've gotten so far is a new headset from my siblings. It's a lot better than my own microphone which hurt my ears after about an hour. Unfortunately, my computer appears to have a loose speaker port or something because the sound quality has been dubious and yet the headset works perfectly fine on my brother's computer.

Other gifts included additions to my backlog of games, a horrible gag t-shirt that keeps getting passed between families as a joke, and a companion cube which will never threaten to stab me.

I will!

I'm also giving myself a gift, I'm finally upgrading my desktop computer. My buddy Jean is going to head out with me sometime before the Christmas break ends. It's kind of sad actually, I went and took a look and why all the memory on my computer was being eaten up and...

It's because 80% of it is dedicated to computer games. Yeah. Computer games. I might be an addict but don't let my Mother know she was right.


I know a lot of you are back to work already, I'll be back in classes soon enough. But I'll save that droll discussion for another post. Maybe after new years.

I want to forget all of that and enjoy the rest of my break.


  1. Assuming you have a decently sized hard drive, that sure is a lot indeed! Please tell me half of those are games from Humble Bundles you never really played? (Or did play, whatever.)
    And you're right, enjoy the break while you're still in it. Get the most out of it, and see you in 2013!

  2. Can't beat giving yourself gifts haha, and no work for me for another week, so nice.

  3. heh, Alas I got no gifts this year, seems the older I get the less presents I receive

  4. Hope you're enjoying your break!

    We're probably all too materialistic for our own good...

    What the heck is a companion cube? It looks exciting. :D


  5. There's nothing wrong with video games. YAY VIDEO GAMES. The reason people get such large hard drives and high spec memory is either video games or porn, so you're doing good by using it for video games. The companion cube is awesome and it will never, ever, stab you. Just don't melt it :(

  6. Your presents are so cool Damien, love this post and I'm glad to hear that you had such a great Christmas with your family.

  7. I'm too scared to see how much of my computer is taken up with games and other time wasters. Ignorance is bliss!

  8. I actually just added up how much space my games were taking up, over 500gb, and over 400 of it is on steam so it's time to start uninstalling...

    we should all be so lucky to have our own companion cube... instead of the annoying guilty spark that is constantly mocking us behind our back.

  9. I love your jam picture, look awesome!
    I dont play video games:(
    but my twins of course, sometimes I cant talk with them LOL

  10. that ham looks good. i think i should indulge in some fancy restaurant tonite

  11. Don't talk about work yet, DWei. I still have a hundred papers to grade. Just not today.

    Good to hear you had great time. I also gave myself some X-mas presents. Santa doesn't like me that much after I stole his pimped up sleigh. The guy has no sense of humor whatsoever.

  12. Woah. I'm totally jealous of your companion cube.

  13. Enjoy the upgrade, and enjoy what's left of break too. I'm making the most out of the family still :)

  14. good that you got the new head set
    regarding ram problem try to use software which will allocate ram properly, second is increase your cache memory
    Happy New Year

  15. Happy New Year Dwei!
    Wishing you a blessed and fruitful 2013 :)

  16. well just want to say...
    wanna eat that ham!!!