Sunday, 6 October 2013

Projects Update

Current debt: $9000

Phew! It's about time I've made a significant dent in my debt, I'm now under 10k. Slowly but surely we'll destroy this thing, though because I'm no longer a student I've had to get a new bank account which requires that I have $2500 sitting in it at all times so I don't get charged a fee. A minor setback.

I'm still really pushing to find time to work on my projects. It's hard to find it in you to continue being productive after a long day of work. I just want to let me brain go to waste in front of my computer as I watch videos of cats doing stupid things.

But I've managed to do some work, and so, update time.

I could watch this all day.

Project Derp:

Goal: $$$$

I experienced a massive traffic drop last month for some reason. Are things running slower? Is it due to summer ending? I can't say for certain but I'm certain it affected my already minimal profits. It also doesn't help that for all of September I maybe put in 2 hours of work, at best.

That being said, I may have found a way to get Phase 2 to work. Fingers crossed. It be nice to finally have this project be self-sustaining. I'll make a post about it when it happens, and then finally get working on Phase 3.

Project Vegas:

Goal: Travel 

I finally got the required items in the mail to get this project running. I'm still reading through a few things to make sure I do this right. Even though I have the most disposable income I've had in a long time, I still want to make spend my money efficiently.

I have a time limit of 3 months. I hope this works.


Project Pandering:

Goal: Learn and re-learn skills.

This one has been iffy to gauge because it's an amalgamation of smaller little skills that I don't think qualify for individual projects. So on a whole, this project has had quite a bit of time dedicated to it, but the individual components are a bit lackluster.

I recently got more hardware and I'm tinkering with things as we go along. There are just so many tutorials and guides online. No way I'd would have been able to learn how to do this (or even consider doing this) half a decade ago.

Project Jason:

Goal: Exercise

This is still the only project that I'm consistently dedicating time to. Though I'm "averaging" 3 times a week. Sometimes I go twice, and then I make up for it the next week by going 4 times. It's a bit of a balance really, the only time I can meet up with people is for dinner after work so it's either meet with friends or go lift weights.

Unfortunately my feet are still cramping up. I think it might be because I've been so tired lately. The lack of sleep might be the cause because I've changed shoes, reduced reps and weight, etc. etc.. I think the fatigue might be affecting my appetite as well, I'm eating less and that's not good. I can't gain weight if I'm not eating.


And that's this month's update. Debts are being paid, I'm trying to be productive outside of work. And I'm slowly losing my mind because my sleep is deteriorating. I'm actually gasping awake now in the middle of the night, which I think is a pretty clear sign my sleep apnea is worsening.

Fear not though, the appointment I booked weeks ago is finally coming up. I'll make a post about that when it happens.


  1. wow well done under 10k you can do this!

    I can rarely find it in me to be productive after a long work day...however I wouldn't worry too much as you work every day so it is bound to make you want to chill out after work.

  2. I'm surprised you're still going through with all those projects. The exercise is pretty important. I find it kinda odd you have a bank account where you have a minimum amount you need in the bank. I do know my dad's account is different to mine and I guess that's something he has.

  3. Sleep problems are a thing you want to get under control quickly, yeah.
    Sounds like on average everything's going decently though, so that's good. Keep it up, as usual!

  4. Debt being gone is the best, but 2500 just to not get charged a fee, pffft to that

  5. Project Vegas requires information sent by mail? My God, it's a time share, isn't it? Listen to me - just take the $100 Red Lobster gift card and run!

  6. Nie update DERP!! and yes such a busy schedule!!!

  7. Great for putting a dent in the debt. But need to take care of yourself: sleep and eat! Love the cat shark attack.

  8. that shark thing is genius

  9. I don't know if banks just work differently there or if you have some amazing benefits, but a $2500 fee-less minimum is insane to me. Maybe I'm just lucky.

    I usually gain traffic after summer, lots of people at work looking for goods. Maybe you just need a bit of a running start?

  10. Well done on the debt and beginning to make some serious progress in the working out buddy, just keep on going.

  11. So, I could watch the Batman one all day!

    Do you ever sleep? Seriously?

  12. project vegas looks very interesting

  13. the cat gifs are crazy fun ha ha ha. cat lover here :)

  14. Projects in check. Which is all good. Take care of that sleep problem.

  15. Good luck w/your appointment, I hope something works out so you can get some consistent rest. It's hard to recharge without it.

    I like that shark/cat/fishbowl video clip, that is funny.

  16. Good grief, don't burn yourself out.

  17. As far as we can tell, the idea of counting sheep to get to sleep might go back to ancient shepherds, who had to literally count their sheep every night before turning in, to make sure they were all there.

  18. Sounds like all is going well...try to work in some sleep :)

  19. Does the working out help with the sleep?

  20. $2500 to not get charged a fee? Sheesh, I'd look somewhere else.

  21. Glad you are working through your debt - but I also think maybe you should fish (fish!! awww poor cat! LOL) around for a better current account deal? I've never known a bank levy such charges - that sounds wrong!

    Anyway!! You take care of yourself! x

  22. Sounds like across-the-board progress.

  23. I'm sorry, but the shark attack cat was the funniest thing I'd seen in ages.

    Sounds like your projects are coming along.