Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Despite December just barely starting I'm looking ahead into January and trying to prepare for things. I decided that going back to school was the best course of action simply because the available jobs I could find were fairly terrible. May as well ride out the dead of winter and maybe try again in the Spring.

But things rarely if ever go according to plan. And before we get into that, I'd like to address a few comments on the linked post.

Seriously, comments are like fan mail and it's great.

Firstly, I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology, but I decided that going for a second bachelor's degree in Business would be the next best step. Keith suggested that I go for a master's in Psychology instead simply because it looks much, much better than two bachelor degrees.

And for the most part, I agree. I'm honestly not going into Economics because of interest. So why go the business route then? I'm going in because career and job-wise, it seems a lot safer and viable than Psychology. Grab an internship, get cozy or get connections with the people there, find a job, good to go.

But it's not just that. The Universities in my province have suffered mass budget cuts, I doubt they want to take on more grad students when they're kicking out sessional professors and support staff in the Psychology department. And EVEN if this wasn't an issue, I don't have enough professors to use as references.

I didn't expect Patt to go insane. A reference letter from him would probably hurt my chances of getting into grad school.

The last I heard he's currently in Malaysia or something with his new bride.

But I was missing 2 per-requisites to get into the BCOM (Business of Commerce) program, Economics 101 and 102. And while I easily added myself to the 102 class, the 101 class was completely full. Fine, no problem. The Psychology advisers were very helpful to me in the past, so I booked an appointment with the Business advisers to see if they could do anything for me. The conversation went like this:

"Yeah, tough luck. You and hundreds of other kids are trying to get in. All you can do is sit, wait, and hope a spot opens.".

Well that's just peachy.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised due to the aforementioned budget cuts.

A week passed. An average of one spot for the class opened up each day. And I was never able to grab it on time. I needed a back-up plan, what if I didn't get into Econ 101? There really was no point in just taking Econ 102, and I couldn't take Econ 101 in the Spring or Summer because the deadline to apply for the BCOM program was in March.

So I started job hunting again.

Some you asked why I don't like manual labour. It's simple, I'm lazy. If possible, I'd rather sit on my butt all day and not move from my computer. Almost all my projects are computer or online based, with the exception of Project Jason. I assure you, I don't workout because I like it, I workout because I'm tired of being thin and looking like a malnourished child in the mirror.

Back on topic, my friend Chase, managed to hook me up with an interview with an energy company. It's not the most amazing job, I'd be cold calling, there appears to be a lot of emphasis on making sales, and my pay is directly linked to sales. Still, better than nothing.

Hello sir or madam, please buy stuff from me so I don't lose my job.

And then yesterday a spot opened up and by some miracle I managed to enroll in the course before anyone else.

Wow, that was anticlimactic.

Why couldn't all my problems be resolved in this fashion?

Looks like I'll be heading back to school in January afterall. And with all my classes crammed on Tuesday and Thursday, I get that nice 4 day weekend again. Lovely.


  1. "and my pay is directly linked to sales"? That's bullshit man. Say you work hard for the full 8 hours a day, but customers are being shitty and you're not feeling particularly lucky, that essentially means you "advertised" for them for free. Those kind of jobs are *really* risky, but sure to look into how they handle pay and everything, and if they have a base payout or something.

    As for the spot in Economics 101, congrats on getting in! Went surprisingly smooth, haha!

  2. I think heading back is actually a good idea man and wish you all the best luck in the world buddy, you got this one!

  3. Oooo, I'm glad it ended up working out for you!

  4. 4 days weekend..isnt it nice? :)

    All the best Damien

  5. haha all of that and you got in, rather anticlimactic indeed haha

  6. Well that's pretty sweet, congratulations on having it work out. 4 day weekend doesn't sound half bad either.

  7. Glad you got on the course after all! I hope it goes well for you.

  8. That sounds like a really great combination. There is a lot to do with mixing business and psychology together. Good luck with college.

  9. Anticlimatic with some things, like school enrollment, are awesome! Good luck w/school, and hurrah for long weekends!

  10. Good luck when you head back to school. I'm with you - I can't do manual labor. I'd rather workout on my own time than have a 40 hour a week workout. I don't think of it as being lazy. I think of it as being savvy. I could get paid to break my back, or I could get paid double to sit in a cubicle on a computer. Which am I going to pick?

  11. Congrats on getting into the course at least :>

  12. I wouldn't ever do anything just for the money unless absolutely necessary. If you have no passion for what you do, you're like the walking dead.

  13. Getting an education is much better than cold calling. In fact, anything has got to be better than cold calling.

  14. keep trying and all doors will open in that fashion

  15. Glad you got on the course, sounds like a good plan.