Sunday, 15 September 2013

Weekend Shifts

I've been blogging about my new job a lot. Because my new job is pretty much my life. Because if I'm not working, I'm either at the gym, or on my own computer for a few brief moments before I pass out on my bed so I'm barely rested enough for the next day of work.

But it's all worth it when you see that biweekly paystub.


In my last post about my job (which was barely a week ago) I talked about how I was finally got around to be trained to do dispatch. I was being trained to literally babysit these truck drivers and when to send them out, how to work the computer programs etc. etc.. It wasn't that much harder than taking orders to be honest.

And then suddenly my supervisor approaches my desk. "Damian, you're doing fairly well. I'm bringing you in on Saturday."

Most people would cringe at the potential to work weekends. Not me. And so, I went in for my first full-time Saturday shift at my new job.


Yep. Time and a half. More than enough reason for me to sacrifice sleep and relaxation to head in to the office at 8 in the morning looking like a zombie. It was funny, because my coworkers (and my parents before I left the house) commented about how dead I looked.

Some of you may wonder why the money is important enough for me to do this. Well, if I took the day off, what would likely happen? I'd sleep in until 1PM (or later), laze about all day, playing video games and other goofing off activities.

OR, I can be productive at work, hit the gym on the way home, and make delicious, delicious money.

Money that is greatly needed to pay off debt.

Money, money all gone now.

Saturday was actually my first time day of working in dispatch as opposed to being trained. I had to answer calls, send trucks, answer the radio, and keep track of everything that was going on all at the same time. It got hectic at times, but I think I handled it well it enough. Certainly could have been worse.

But this means it's time to quit my fastfood job. After all these years, now that I no longer can work evenings or weekends it's time to end it.

Or, I can keep working Sundays.


Yeah, they almost never need people to work Sundays at my full-time job. Meaning I can keep my fastfood job, soldiering through 7 day weeks. Technically, I don't need to work on Saturdays either, but I've volunteered to take as many shifts as possible unless stated otherwise.

No, I don't have a deathwish or have I become a workaholic. As stated before, overtime is amazing but keeping my fastfood job allows for a bit more cash AND allows me to have some variety in lunches. I have abused that 50% discount far too many times for me to break away from it. Plus, I'm getting sick of microwavable dinners and my own terrible cooking.

As long as I have the evenings to myself, I should be alright I think. I just need to balance things carefully to allot enough time for my projects and sleep.

And if I end up in the hospital due to collapsing from fatigue, that'll make for a hilarious set of blog posts.


  1. Good for you! You are young and fit why not go for it?

    I look forward to the hospital posts. ;)

  2. While I agree it would make an interesting set of posts if you end up in hospital, I'm not so sure I agree with all these hours you're doing. Just make sure you know when too much is too much I guess. If you can handle it then go for it.

  3. Look after yourself as well. take some vitamins, don't burn out my friend.

  4. no don't end up in the have to spend more of that delicious money!! Well, I guess the harder you work now...the better you can uh play in the long run? Does that make sense? In any case good luck with it all!!!

  5. You lucky bugger, I work every Saturday but it's just for my normal wage haha, I can see why you're so happy to work when you're earning time and a half! Seriously though man I'm glad to hear it's going so good, I know what you mean about work basically becoming your life, it's the same for me.

  6. yes balance is important
    getting rid of debt is also important

  7. Just don't burn yourself out. But you're right, those overtime paychecks kick ass.

  8. haha good luck with that, working saturday is not my cup of tea

  9. Seriously, Damian, quit that fast food job. You must have at least one day a week downtime (preferably two). I used to work 7 days a week too when I was your age and it destroyed my health. And that lasts for the rest of your life.

  10. That is a lot of working. I can barely manage my five days, but I think that mostly has to do with the 3.30am starts. Hope you don't burn yourself out!

  11. I know that feel, bro. Nothing wrong with working yourself a little harder to pay off that debt. I used to think the same thing when I stayed home just to sleep in and play video games... I could be making money right now...

  12. I get keeping the fast food job, I do, but try and realize the point between comfort and overworked where everything can still be comfortable. Just got your best interest in mind here. And the fact that if you always work there will never be blog posts.

  13. Congrats on getting rid of the job tying you to student life. Just remember you need rest to be efficient!

  14. Just like a blogger to think of the post potential in a hospital visit, lol.

    Congrats on the time & 1/2, I think it's great that you're taking positive steps to eliminate debt.

  15. How about not being a workaholic? Seriously. Life is short.

  16. Wow dude, money isn't all there's to life. Yeah yeah debts need to be paid and all that, but still.
    Well, as long as you're content doing what you do, be it slacking off or working 24/7, then there's no reason to stop you.

    As for the hectic-ness your new position brought you, hectic work is actually pretty fun when you look back on it, at least in my experience. More of a thrill than "let me just do this without anything pushing me real hard"

  17. I totally understand that. I used to LOVE overtime.
    Of course, balance is key.

  18. Work makes you look dead. its a side effect! haha

  19. Whatever makes you happy is ok. Like having lots of delicious money and looking like dead?