Monday, 11 June 2012

No Motivation for Anything

I've been noticing this a lot around the Blogosphere lately, lots of people just not having the energy or in the mood to blog or talk about anything. So I guess that makes me feel slightly better when I say that I've caught this bug as well.

Except it's not just with blogging, it's motivation to do anything.

I even sit like this too.

I'm not sure why this is the case. It's pretty easy to occupy my time and attention with things. And I normally love my computer and just goofing off on it. But lately, it just hasn't been enough. I usually love visiting blogs and reading about people.

I genuinely like hearing about how people's days have been and the interesting things they do. I guess that's a given considering that I'm a Psychologist.

But I've been neglecting my own blog, I haven't been doing my rounds. And I don't know why I don't have the motivation to do so.

Be entertaining again computer!

Also odd is that I'm just running out of things to blog about. I try and do interesting things so I have things to talk about but again, I've just been on my butt this entire time. I'm not sure whether to attribute that to a lack of a job or that Theresa is out of town.

It could also be that I'm not sleeping well. Though that's probably just due to me staying up and and then sleeping in really late.

But if I had a reason to wake up maybe I wouldn't stay in bed for so long.

I'm hoping things will improve once Theresa gets back home. Be able to get out of the basement, burn in the sun and what not. And in a few weeks I'll be going to China for a few weeks. So then I'll have plenty of stories to share.

About burning in the weather.

I relate to this so well...

In the meantime, anyone want to suggest things for me to do? I really feel like I should be spending my time more productively. I tried making a risotto for the first time in months the other day and it was kind of a mess. Not looking forward to curry.
So, feel free to suggest anything for me to do. I'm up for ideas.


  1. Women in bikini pictures for me!

  2. It sounds like you do just need new things to do. You want more for yourself really. So just find out what it is you really want to do, and do it. A lack of motivation is crippling though, I know this all too well.

  3. Hmm...just relax? I miss having time "off" - sure I have vacation here and there, but it's not the same. Enjoy it, I say!

  4. sometimes this happens
    nothing to write
    you can share your experience as how you became psychologist.

  5. I'm in the same boat here... Sigh.

  6. The cat never stops his blogging ways and yeah I noticed that slow down too, mostly due to summer. Go outside and lie in the sun, that's all I got..haha

  7. It's not strange that you've been feeling no motivation recently Damien, I think that happens to us all when it comes to blogging man, it's just all about overcoming it, sometimes breaks like the one I'm going on help, absence does make the heart grow fonder and all that.

  8. I went through a period of no motivation the last couple of weeks, but I've come out of it now. I've no idea what caused it or what brought me out of it, but I'm glad it's stopped!
    You could try doing something new? Find a new hobby, or try to learn to do something new. This would give you more motivation and at the same time give you something to blog about. Just an idea :)

  9. Pottery!



    And I find myself lacking time, not motivation, when it comes to blogging. All of my physical training takes up a good amount of my day :/

  10. Man I wish I felt like that. I wouldn't feel bad at all the time I'm forced away from all the fun. You, you should explore something new. Be it an idea or a place, just do something different you haven't done before. Spark yourself some interest.

  11. I guess everyone needs a break every now and then but blogging is still pretty addicting and fun for me. I don't think I'll be ready to give it a break just yet. As for being productive, I think you should just do what makes you happy and forget about whether is productive or not. Might as well enjoy what little time we have here!

  12. Challenge yourself to taking and posting one new cool photo a day on your blog, for about two weeks---it'll get you going!! This is the ultimate time of the year for photography. Everything is starting to bloom, new moms are out with their beautiful'll never be stuck for a subject to snap.

    The result of that will lots of great comments on your blog, and you're back in business.

    I'll be back to check on you!! ha ha


    I like your blog though..te he

  13. As you don't have a motivation to stand up in the morning, maybe jogging can be optional? :) It's a pretty good way of wasting time with pleasure and benefit.

  14. Summer's in the air again, but that is a perfect time to SHINE!
    Start learning a new skill, and on top of that, blog about your progress. Could be anything, really. Juggling, riding an unicycle, learning to type using a Dvorak keyboard, try out cooking new things (which you've already been doing), try your hand at writing, practice Photoshop and make something cool, compose music, ANYTHING!
    Or visit random forums on the internet, and answer a person's small question with a very detailed psychologically orientated answer. ;D

  15. Well, I'm quite busy with life. I graduate from high school tomorrow and have to work on my blog layouts, but I do agree.

  16. There does seem to be a mood of apathy creeping into the bloggershere

  17. I'm SO happy that you addressed this because I definitely have been feeling this way recently. I don't know if it's just a weird time of the year, or what... but I've definitely been noticing a lack of motivation in my life and the lives of other bloggers.

    One thing that has recently been helping me, is thinking about why I began blogging in the first place. Also, ask yourself this question: If you had the freedom to do anything, what would you do?

    In my case, I would become a full-time blogger. I could travel wherever I wanted and still be able to blog. I wouldn't be tied down to an hourly job. So now, I've found myself overcoming procrastination and sheer laziness because I've envisioned the life I could have...

    Hope that made sense! :)

    Best wishes,

    [your everyday girl,
    writing about guys]

  18. Oh. that's too bad! I'm on this road too. I can't honestly suggest anything for you to do since I'm struggling myself. hmm..we usually have some things in common huh? weird but it felt good knowing I'm not the only one..HAHA! (don't get me wrong) I'm not happy that you're feeling this way but sometimes it makes me realize, it's not so bad to feel this way..


  19. I'm glad I don't do any personal blogger, I'd probably run out of steam faster than anyone if that was the case.

    Also, you could always review a book/movie/game.

  20. Ah ha, you're the one who infected me! I've got the don't-wanna-do-anything-bug too. :(

  21. i've been feeling that way too so i looked around for writing prompts to get me going. it helps.
    you could try volunteering for something in your community. just anything at all. could be fun.

  22. We all go through phases, the energy and motivation comes back. How about a Resolutions Update?

  23. I did not even realize that a lot of people have not been writing. I have been sick and sleepless for months in a row. I do read a lot of blogs though I may not have been commenting.

  24. Same problem! I'm currently restarting my activity on my blog so yeah.... :p

  25. I thought I was the only one... Well, I can certainly relate to what you're saying. I've been feeling like that for a couple of months now: don't want to blog, read blogs, be funny or what have you. Good to hear it's a bug. That means it's not my fault. As for things to do, well, I just try to keep my laptop switched of and not feel guilty about ignoring my friends on the internet. I read a bit and take a walk every now and then. A breath of fresh air can do wonders.

  26. For me time spent at dog park is always time well spent. You might even pick up something to blog about.

    Please contact me young one at my place. I need to ask you a question.

  27. Ironically I feel like I lose my motivation when I have too much time on my hands. When I'm busy, I tend to be far more productive. Go figure.

    1. Add me to the list and I could have written this comment 100 percent for myself. Work is boring, too much time and with all that extra time, I feel like I should be filling it with brilliant blog posts. Yet...not so much. And it's like the whole darn Internet isn't enough to keep my attention.

      I suppose it ebbs and flows. No solutions--sorry--just support. Just go with it ;)

  28. I'm also have a problem with the no motivation thing.

    No motivation internet high five!!

    If I had a suggestion, I'd probably do it myself. Um. Go to a local library and check out a bunch of awesome graphic novels?

  29. Take some time for yourself like jogging. :)

  30. Summertime got to enjoy. Your post put me back to sleep..zzzzzzzz

  31. Blogging is definitely not easy, especially as time goes by. Just know you're not alone. My biggest tip is to write down any blogging idea the MOMENT it comes to you. I don't know how many times I've thought of a great blogging idea, later forgotten it, and then kicked myself for skipping up a great opportunity.

  32. Hello! I like blogging...

  33. yep theres seems to be less motivation for people to blog these days! As for what you could do: watch TV shows and use your understanding of psychology to anilize the characters!

  34. I've never tried making a risotto before, but I've really been wanting to lately... maybe I'll give it a whirl. I doubt my results will be any better than yours, though!

    I suggest you take up synchronized swimming. Or fencing. Or yoga?