Wednesday, 12 June 2013


It's hard to believe it. But I'm finally convocating. Well, not right now but pretty soon. Beginning of June pretty soon. After all these years, the course mishaps and delays, the sleepless nights, the stupid debt, and unhealthy stress, its come down to this moment. This was what it was all for.

A piece of paper that says I have achieved an undergraduate degree Specializing in Psychology.

Go me?

I've made a few mistakes already. For example, I didn't realize that there was a deadline for renting a gown and cap. I fired off an email to see what could be done. And turns out I was able to get it at the bookstore on Campus with barely any a hassle on my end.

I also grabbed the convocation package which has information, my parchment, name tag, and guest tickets. I get 2 tickets so obviously my parents get one each. I get to keep the little hat, but the gown and hood gets returned.

These rental people must make a ton of money. Seriously, $40 per person with over 6000 people is over $24000 in just 2 weeks is ridiculous. Plus, they just re-use the gowns next year.

Close enough.

So convocation morning finally arrives. It's pouring rain. Everyone else got nice sunny days but I get pouring rain. I'm actually ok with this, I hate the sun, it burns my skin. Plus, the people who convocated in the afternoon got heavy rain storms.

So I sat, in my seat for about 2 and a half hours, listening to speeches, waiting for every one of the graduates to get their hand shaken by some people, more speeches, fairly boring.

And then my fellow Psych graduate shares an interesting story with me. Flashback, about 2 years ago. I'm struggling to try and apply to an internship program but didn't get in due to being over the credit limit.

The following year, my Psych friend goes through the same routine. Failed to get in the previous year, tried to get in again, gets approval from the dean, other coordinators, etc. etc..

 And the stupid cow let him in. He got an internship.

I need to flip something in my rage.

So, I guess this petty coordinator just didn't like me and directly tried to screw me over. I'm pretty disgruntled right now. I'm not going to let this stand, I'm hoping I can find some indirect way to get back at this woman.

Not happy with her actions at all.

Still! I convocated, the reception afterwards had some decent food. I'm fairly happy (asides from learning about the treacherous coordinator) and I should be proud.

Now let's hope I can get a good job.


  1. Congratulations!
    It's pouring rain? Just consider it as a sign of luck ;) Good luck on the job hunting!

  2. Well hopefully you are proud as you should be. Congrats on that. Although it's a bit of a shame you didn't get to keep the gown. I didn't know they were rentals actually. I'd say those guys must make a ton of money but I don't think they rent their stuff out that often, so it's probably like the resort industry. You get a ton of money over one period of time, and hope it lasts.

  3. I can understand your anger with that woman but I would do your best to ignore it and just be proud of your achievement which is awesome mate, all your years of hard work has paid off and you should be really proud of yourself right now, congratulations! On a side note I'm now wondering if a degree is the right option for me in my life. Seems like I should just open up a graduation robe rental shop because that's where the money seems to be!

  4. Congratulations man, good to see your years of hard work finally pay off! Hurray!

  5. That's annoying! Maybe there's some loophole he found or qualified for? Congrats on the convocation though

  6. Sounds like the cow may have got milked, you think? lol Congrats!

  7. Congratulations! I remember for my graduation the gowns really were horrendously expensive. I don't know if I'll even attend my Masters graduation because of that!

  8. Congratulations! I bet your parents were extremely proud of you! Good luck getting a job.

  9. Weird, I never had to pay out of pocket for any of my cap and gown stuff. I'd damn well better not, anyway, after having dropped $40k for school.

    Regardless, congrats! That sucks about the internship, but hopefully you can find a great job and that won't matter.

  10. Psychology is a very nice subject. You will be able to help a lot of people. Good for you. Congrats!

  11. You damned well should be proud. :)) And check out your new look tomorrow. I think I'm ready for a career switch... I'm going to become a rental person man thingie making big bucks unlike a teacher. Do you know what I mean?

  12. I am both glad and sad to hear of your adventures. I think I commented around the time you didn't get the internship, so I am invested in your story. I hope you find recompense, friend.

  13. Convocation being the same as graduation, I take it? I enjoyed my undergraduate graduation - we snuck bottles of champagne in under our gowns.

  14. Congrats on graduating! I've never heard the expression convocating before, it sounds a bit dirty.

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing, but I've got a dirty mind so it could be me.

  15. keep trying and one day you will see Sunrise thats you will get a jOB

  16. gotta look what "convocating" means in a dictionary LOL

  17. I didn't know your degree that you've been working on was in psychology? That's what my degree is in! It's a fascinating field and it will be SO worth it in the end. Have a great weekend!

  18. Congratulations...and the coordinator.....DAMN HER!!!

  19. Congratulations! Fingers crossed you'll find a job.

  20. First HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done you!! Finally!! Yay!! Love how you use the word convocation!! And so it is!

    Second - ignore adversity!!!! Show this petty co-ordinator how you didn't need her approval! You can and will do better!! Good luck! Take care

  21. Hello, blog hopping and found your beautiful blog.

    Good post !


    Psychology is an interesting subject. I think it is not difficult to get a job that you like. Do you have Campus interviews by employers for suitable jobs?

    To practice Clinical psychology do you have to undergo more studies?

    Best of luck, anyways.

  22. Don't sweat what's not worth mentioning. People are human, remember that. now, congratulations. I hope the next few steps are to your liking :)

  23. congratulations!!! you can keep the hat? awesome, i don't think we have any gown thingy magic in Germany...

  24. Ha..University bureaucracy, i remember it well, half the tutors play favourites too though.I never went to my graduation ceremony, it was too expensive for me to go alone, that is it seemed a waste of cash, and i got my degree certificate and framed it so im happy with that.

    Good luck again with your job hunting, are you trying for hospitals things like that?
    Must be rewarding to help those in need.

  25. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!