Sunday, 9 June 2013

More Medical Tests

Well, it's about time I started getting the medical tests done. I've been putting them off for way too long. It's been over two months since I've gone and seen the specialist so maybe it's about time I do something.

I would have done it sooner, but I've been busy and lazy.

My computer has a vice-like grip on me.

First on the list was the blood tests. I don't mind needles too much, except when the people sticking them in me are terrible at their jobs. I have massive veins, they have been described as "you could drive a truck through them". So if you can't get the needle in on the first try, you probably should get a new job.

This applies to the terrible nurses I had when I had surgery in the hospital, and some technician at some other clinic drawing blood for some tests.

Luckily I got someone good and after drawing 7 tubes worth of blood from me I was allowed to waddle off to the bathroom to urinate in a cup. Yep, turns out I needed a urine test too.


An x-ray clinic was above the clinic where I got a blood test and I have some time left over so I took the elevator up to get my x-rays too. I laid down on a hard, cold metal bed which was exceptionally uncomfortable because I'm way too thin. My hip bones kept me balanced at the price of bruises.

I understood why they needed to take different photos of my lungs, but I'm not sure why they needed spinal x-rays too. Luckily it didn't take too long and I was off on my way.

But that leaves one last thing, the genetic test questionnaire. Started off good, just personal information, nothing I can't answer.

And then the questionnaire needed me to start gathering information about my family members and extended family members.

I barely know anything about my Dad's side of the family.

Some of you will wonder why this is an issue for me. How hard is it to ask your parents for some information? Any of my regular readers will recall that my parents have no idea that I've been visiting the doctors and getting these tests for over a year now.

To approach them with this genetic test questions would finally reveal all of this. And again, some of you will wonder why this is a problem. Simply put, my parents would start worrying nonstop. There's no proof that I have any of these medical issues but there's no point in having them worry unnecessarily while I wait for the results.

Also, as I've gotten older, I've begun to hate the "interrogations" that I get from my parents. They might mean well, but I they're not helpful to me or them. When I got the call from Recruiter B the other week my Mother began questioning me nonstop, asking why I would be even interested in a "marketing" job, would be as "lowly" as my other marketing job, how much did it pay, didn't I want to be a psychiatrist at one point, why didn't they contact you sooner, etc. etc..

This is exactly why I don't share details of my life with my parents anymore. If something bad happens, they won't know about it. If something good happens, they can't really bombard me or question my decisions.

You might care a lot, but the way you're showing it isn't the greatest.

So I need to find a clever way of either getting information or completely forgoing the genetic test. The chances of me having Marfan's is pretty slim already so maybe I can just ignore this.

I've also booked another appointment with a sleep clinic. I'm going to get another sleep study done sometime in July after my little trip to Vancouver. I want something more conclusive as to how bad my sleep apnea is.


  1. Ah yeah, I can see where you're coming from with the parental interrogations. Mine do it too, though luckily not so extreme. The intentions are good, but hell if I sometimes just want to sit down and take a rest, instead of discuss my day in fine detail.

  2. Good luck with the test results.

  3. I think maybe you should let them in this time. This could be a good chance to let them know what's happening. I hide a lot of things from my parents and my family barely knows me but I think this is kinda important.

    Then again I did hide the fact I was in therapy from them.

  4. I feel your pain, I have to get regular blood tests done because of the medication i am on, and more often or not they left me looking like heroin addict, or i actually passed out because they were that rubbish...also in regards to the x-rays..same thing.

    Maybe you could go to your parents and say you want to do some ancestor research...or uh getting to know the family better???

  5. That is really difficult man, like the fact that you haven't told your parents made things simplier but now that you actually need to know about family history it's not so good. I'm trying to work out what you should do but I don't know, if you could covertly find out by maybe lying about having to do a project at university about family health backgrounds which understandably reeks of something from a Disney cartoon. I think it's important to get answers to be honest with you, sooner rather than later. They think my brother might have sleep Apnea right now so I can semi relate to how hectic a problem that is to have, best of luck.

  6. Sounds like you are really going through the ringer, good luck.

  7. I am sorry you find it so hard to talk to your parents. Such a shame you dont feel like you can lean on them while you are having all these tests.

    Hope you get some answers soon

  8. I hope I never have to do the blood thing

  9. Yeah it is a pain in the arse when they ask you 50,000 questions. Say you are doing it for a report or something.

  10. That sounds a bit sitcom-ish - stealthily asking your parents genetic questions. It could either end in hilarity (and success) or disaster, but either way I hope it goes well and you find out what you need to know.

  11. Yeah, I don't share some medical info with my parents for the same reason (nothing major, just smaller things). I dont need the worrying or the nagging.

  12. Ugh sorry that you have to go through all these medical tests. No fun at all! I have been thinking of going to a sleep clinic myself. Will you be blogging about it here?

  13. Ah no, hospital tests are always so uncomfortable. I just had to have an eye exam to do with high pressure in my eyes which left my poor eyes feeling all bruised and battered! I hope you manage to get the information off your parents somehow. Good luck! - Tasha xxx

  14. Sleep disorders are terrible, i get really bad insomnia, in fact its 12 am right now .
    I used to give blood, and i hate needles so reading your needle and vein post was unpleasant.But they changed the rules thanks to the E.U my iron content was too low. I used to like the idea of someone sat there, with my blood flowing in their veins, all my d.n.a, blood cells passed through my heart now passed through theirs.
    Hope you get better man.

    Was their hot medical staff at least?

  15. That's pretty hard to ask them especially if you keep it secret of your medical test.

  16. Oh, I thought you'd already gotten a Marfan's diagnosis. I hope the tests are helpful - I absolutely hate geting any sort of invasive test. And I hope whatever it is, they can then get to helping you out.

    And, um, Happy Birthday, even if you don't like hearing it! :-)

  17. It's actually pretty normal to ask about your parents' families medical histories. You can blame it on school work or a doctor friend mentioned it or something. There's a thousand legitimate excuses.

  18. Sorry to sound parental, but you are better safe than sorry. My family neglected to tell me about an illness that runs in our family and it nearly killed me. I had almost no symptoms, and when I had one thing that could have been considered a symptom and I was asked if we had a family history of it, I said no. Talk to your parents. Don't ignore it. There, there's my lecture.

  19. So many tests!! Damn !!!!
    Hope your system is all fine!! I have been on a doctor visiting spree too since long and everything ends up showing me as normal :/
    No I am grateful!

  20. I hope everything turns out alright.

  21. Hello! I wish strong health to you...!

  22. Yay med tests are soooo not fun! I have baby veins that a clinic needs a "spotter" before they can hit the vein correctly at first attempt :(

    I understand your hesitation about not letting your parents know about these medical tests but it's just normal that they worry even if they don't have to... that's how parents are...

    1. I've got a similar problem. I've got too many muscles, so when the nurse wants to give me a shot the needle always breaks and I need surgery again. But seriously, I know what you mean and it sucks.

  23. I barely know anything about my the side of the Frnds .

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