Monday, 3 June 2013

Projects Update

Current debt: $11,500

Last month was a bit disappointing. Despite all the additional time I had I wasn't able to make as large of a dent as I would have liked in all my projects. I guess I'm also trying to balance work, meeting up with people, and job hunting at the same time.

Still, some progress was made. Again, it's not as much as I would have liked but I guess I can't complain. I've also managed to earn enough from my projects and job in the last month to reduce my debt by $1000. Slowly but surely.

Chipping away at it.
Project Pitch:

Guess what? I finally got feedback on the thing I submitted. After sitting in second level editorial for 5 months someone actually looked at it! And the feedback I received was....

Not interesting enough.

Ugh, fine. So I reworked it, and resubmitted it. In the meantime, I whipped up two more things. One of those has been ignored while the other got rejected for the same reason as my old submission. And then I'm told again that my resubmission still isn't interesting enough.

Not giving up though, I'm taking the feedback I've gotten and I'm about 75% ready to submit this thing for the 4th time.

Project Derp:

I hammered away at this, and got around 4000 words written last month. Things are picking up slowly but again, not as fast as I'd like. If this still hasn't garnered a fair bit of momentum after another 5000 words I've probably done something wrong at the beginning. Maybe I didn't do enough prior planning, maybe there was a way I could have been more efficient.

We'll have to see. Again, it shows glimmers of the final product, but I'm beginning to think that I could have done something better or more efficiently. Or maybe I should have powered through and just wrote more sooner.

Project Vegas:

May not need Project Derp to advance this frozen project. But I need a bit more research first.

Project Cold:

The marketing is going well. It's helping pay off my debt, especially when I'm usually able to make anywhere from triple if not quintuple minimum wage in a single evening. I just wish there were ways to do this more often and in longer stretches but people tend to be home during the evenings and weekends and that's what I have to limit myself to.

I mentioned that there was a phase 2 but perhaps it was only viable with my other manager. I'll wait a little longer, see if things develop and if not, it'll still make for a decent post.

Project Copy:

Starting to have a bit more motivation to continue this one. Especially since it may be job relevant in the near future.

Project Koi:

Not much on the dating front here. I managed to get one date with a girl but I think she only accepted because we knew one another from High School. The date was ok, she said she would be into a second date but that never happened.

I've sent messages to maybe another half a dozen people, about half of them responded, and only one woman is still frequently talking to me. I don't think I'll have much success with this but I'll still keep periodically checking just in case.

Also, Cheryl just messaged me again with "i miss uuuu" after a month of silence.

I am not responding.


Project Pandering:

I finally got all the necessary software, now it's just sitting down to re-learn things via Youtube tutorials. I'm kind of excited for this.

If anyone knows any good audio recording software or how to reduce static from a headset microphone that would be much appreciated.

Project Raven:

Two hold ups have occurred with this project. 1. They haven't released documents for the new term/year/semester/etc.. 2. If I get a job, I am probably disqualified.

So if I get any of the jobs I mentioned, I'll release details on Project Raven and some of you can try it yourself.

And that concludes last month's project progress. I'm really not sure how much work I'll get done on everything, especially considering how I'll be gone at the end of the month for a week and a half to visit Erin. I just booked the ticket so it's confirmed.

I am also ~$400 poorer.


  1. A little progress is better than none at all. I'm just impressed by the amount of projects you've taken on, you must have great determination.

  2. Audacity is the program I use to record audio books. It's free, pretty easy to use, and has a fairly good feature that will remove background noise.

  3. You're a busy bee. Wish I had half your energy. Good luck with your to-do list. :)

  4. Pitch, at least you're showing you're persistent, willing to learn from your mistakes, etc. Hope they take at least that away from it all.
    Good to hear most of them are coming along well though. But, to be honest, I kind of lost track of what they all were. Maybe it's a good idea to put small summaries under their titles each time you do a recap like this?

  5. You're doing good with the progress Damien, most important right now is that debt and whittling it down, like Laura I'm impressed with how well you've done, you're one determined bloke just keep on going!

  6. I think i missed your other project koi posts, but online dating sounds like a great idea! Woohoo!

  7. Good to hear you're progressing, Damien!

  8. As said Audacity is a great free one to use. And yeah ignore her for sure. Nice your debt is coming down, mine just keeps going up lol

  9. You have a lot of pots to stir! I'm glad you have a little holiday planned :)

  10. Wow I did not know the list of projects was so long now. Glad you made a dent in your debt.

  11. I love getting perspective on other people's lives. I used to have debt too, so I know what it's like to pay it off. Good Luck and wishing you lots of $$$ :)

  12. You're making good forward progress! And going on vacation soon. All good :)

  13. That's some amount of projects Dwei. you're a machine!

  14. well done on chiselling away on the debt rock. i probably should do the same with my credit card debt...

    jaysus that is some project load!!!

  15. When submitting something, anything, and you're told it's too boring.. Stop. Check it out yourself, put yourself in the shoes of someone who doesn't care about you and analyze everything.

    A little hard to do, but with practice and a little self-tough-love, you can make deductions and get to a more stable ground.

  16. Wow that's a hell of a lot of projects on the go at the same time! Sounds like you are incredibly busy. Hope the money starts rolling in soon.

  17. Run is right! Have a fun need some time off for sure. It sounds like a hell of a lot to be balancing.

  18. Wow you sound pretty god damn busy - good for. I would definitely run, sounds like far too much drama! xx

  19. What about Project Runway and Project X?

  20. Just reading about all those projects makes me feel exhausted. Hopefully they are not quite as overwhelming as they sound. Once you get rid of that debt, things will begin to be easier I'm sure.

  21. You have SO much going on! EEk! You go!! I'm always rootin' for ya!

  22. need 10 heads and 10 sets of hands to get these babies done with.I am sure you will beat us women when it comes to multitasking. And meh! Whts student life without being broke for the most part of it.

  23. It's so great that you refuse to give up.

  24. Slowly but surely...

    I'm following the Project Koi the most ha ha. And have a great time on the Erin trip :) - a week and a half wow!

  25. Hey, that sounds like tons of progress to me! Keep on trucking Damien!

  26. I'm a big fan of Audacity as well (and it's free, my favorite number). I use that for all of my recording purposes, and could not be happier.

  27. Slowly chipping away at the debt is great! It's also good to hear you're not going to respond to Cheryl.

  28. I love getting perspective on other people's lives. I used to have debt too, so I know what it's like to pay it off. Good Luck and wishing you lots of success..