Thursday, 4 July 2013


I've always liked Vancouver but it's been years since I've been back. For those who are not Canadian, Vancouver is a coastal city in the province of British Colombia. It is highly populated by Asians and has the nickname "Hongcouver" because of the high number of people from Hong Kong there.

As a kid whenever we traveled there I enjoyed myself. The city is alive, bustling, with things to do, see, and eat. Completely opposite of my city. I wanted to move to and live there one day. And now that I've been back, I can safely say I still want to move there.

Though I'd be happy to move out of my parent's house regardless of location.

I'm fond of Japanese food and I especially love sashimi or raw fish. Erin and I went for sushi at least 3 times during my trip for my hunt for sea urchin. We're right by the ocean, the fish is fresh, it's cheaper, what more could you want? We would walk down any street and pass by half a dozen sushi restaurants on our way to our destination.

And fine, not in the mood for Japanese? There are tons of other little restaurants and cafes to stop by. There's just so much variety, fresh food, and quality. Maybe it isn't so good, I don't know if I have any readers from Vancouver to refute my claims but compared to what I can normally get in my city, it's really good.

Did I mention I like sushi? I really like sushi.
But to love a city for just its food is a bit silly. Luckily Vancouver is bustling, thriving, and full of people. I love seeing construction of buildings because it shows growth. Meanwhile the only construction my hometown seems to do is on the roads, and not a very good job at that.

The one thing that Vancouver has that is slightly unnerving is the proportionately increased number of homeless people on the streets. Normally if I encounter a person asking for change I decline, and offer to buy them food instead. They are often more than happy to accept and appreciative of it. 

I can't risk doing that in Vancouver. I'll be broke in a week.

And then I feel bad when I walk past them and not make eye contact.
I could go on about how lovely Vancouver is. More to shop for, more to see, more to do, efficient public transit. But unfortunately with my current financial and job situation, that dream is unlikely to happen anytime soon in the near future.

Plus, the homes there are extremely expensive. Rumour is that Hong Kong business men are holding onto as many houses and apartments as possible and artificially inflating the prices, making even the smallest home cost at least a million CAD. People have been waiting for the housing bubble to pop for the last half decade and so far, nothing.

In the meantime, I can hope for a good job, save money, and move once the bubble finally pops.

I loved Vancouver, and now that I'm back home, everything is quieter. I hope my views aren't biased because of excitement I felt thanks to being on a vacation. I'll be honest, I just want to live somewhere busier. Toronto would also be a good place to live in my opinion, plus, I have relatives there.

But I'll have to sit put for now. I'm deep enough into dept as it is.


  1. Should you move it does sound like Toronto would be a good place too. I think it might be even more expensive though. Vancouver does sound like a pretty great place though and at least you have a dream now. Finish anything left in university, get a job, and try and get into Vancouver.

  2. i don't want to encourage people to live in the streets by giving them money... and yes, i feel the same awkward feeling walking past them trying not to make eye-contact.

    haha "anywhere but here (my parents house)" that's what i used to say. eventually you'll miss them when you do move.

    realty prices are ever increasing. save up as much as you can and strike while the iron is hot!

    have a nice day ^_^

  3. Only way to live there is to take the plunge and move

  4. Never been to vancouver or Toronto, unless you count the airport, was at new york though so I've seen a big city, would rather take the nothing happens city.

  5. Oh so that's the reason (or rumor) why housing is a lot expensive in Vancouver. I heard that from one relative who is living there. I know at least 6 people living in Vancouver but most of my relatives live in Toronto.

    Don't worry DWei as you grow older and as you travel more in the future your preference on where to live or retire might still change...

    Btw I don't like sushi and I can live without Japanese food.

  6. I'd love to move out of my town, there's absolutely nothing here, and no job prospects at all. I'll definitely be moving away at some point.

  7. I've never been there, but sounds like I should check it out!

  8. I've always heard good things about Vancouver so it's good to read this post and see that you believe it's a gem of a place as well. The high population of Asians thing is interesting, hopefully some day you get to live there buddy and some day soon at that.

  9. Yeah, Vancouver is one of my favorite cities in the world...great beaches, mountains, food. Wish it wasn't such a long trip for me.

  10. Sounds like a good break from the norm. We plan to go in August and I can't wait!

  11. Wow, very unlikely here in the Phil, if street kids ask for money, they wanted the literal money, if you will offer them food, they'd refused. Rude, aren't they? I don't know, I always thought that street kids are operated by some highly organized blah blah know, like some in movies? hehe..but anyway, thanks for the knowledge about Vancouver, even if I wanted to live there, I can't. It's too expensive :P haha..I guess I'll be just fine wherever I am now. HAHA!

  12. A good description on Vancouver. I love the city, but you are right, there does seem to be a lot of homeless. But they are all really nice. Vancouver is home to the nicest homeless people in the world. Some guy on Granville street will sing any song you want for a loonie or toonie. One guy knocked out 50 one handed push ups too once for some money. I love that damn city. I agree though, I would be broke as a joke if I stayed there for too long.

  13. I love Vancouver too. We've been waiting for the bubble to pop in Calgary. So far it doesn't look like it's in sight any time soon. :(

  14. Good for you for offering to buy a poor soul a meal! I'm guilty of handing over lose change or buying The Big Issue but it's a quick transaction and I'm off always busy! Shame on me!

    It's shameful about the property prices and greedy people though! :-(

    Good luck with your future - I hope you soon fulfill your dreams despite the greed! Take care

  15. Some of the comments here on homeless people are very ignorant,if they took five minutes to educate themselves which is very easy thanks to the internet a lot of the prejudices might be dispelled. Homeless people are not street clowns that you pay a few pounds to perform buffoonish tricks so you can laugh at them, nor are they scam artists living in expensive houses.
    Wikipedia states homeless in Vancouver increased enormously because of federal cuts to affordable housing, this also means less regulation of rents and house prices and all the associated fraud that comes with it.
    Such as artificially inflating house prices by non dom property owners.
    It also reads all this homeless problem started during the 1980's when Reaganomics became used as a standard for western countries, ever hear of the trickle down theory?
    Look at how many multi national corpoerations and multi millionaires pay tax and see how that is working out right now on your cities infrastructure.
    When only the poorest or middle ranking workers pay taxes, your schools housing, roads and security suffer.

    And the decent thing to think when you see a homeless person is not disgust , but pity, and even if you can't give them cash you can at least not act like an entitled prick. In England we have 'The Big Issue' magazine organised for homeless people, they have to be free of drugs and alcohol and they get 75 per cent of the sales so they can pay rent, food, have their dignity back and re learn skills to join society. I know this is sold in Canada, if you see one buy one their only 2 pounds or 4 dollars, the cost of helping homeless people get housing and back in work is dwarfed by what it costs to police them and help with housing, social services, mental health issues, social workers, all of which are paid for by the average tax payer. Your getting screwed when you allow yourself to be manipulated by right wing press opinions, plus its a terrible thing to not have pity for others.

    Good luck on moving, DWEI if you open yourself to possibilities anything can happen. I had sushi only once it was an odd sensation but i love noodles in sauce.

    1. Listen here good sir, people are whatever they want to be. If you want to do street tricks, then you do street tricks. Quit blaming the system, obviously the system is fucked up but ultimately people are responsible for their own lives. I'm not entitled or ignorant, I'm fucking American. If you don't like your shit, then move.

    2. Lets break your response down, so that i might better understand it, because you seem angry
      You admit the system in Canada is 'fucked', leading to a vast increase in homelessness and the attendant human misery and crime and the pressure on the mid level tax payer, who also has to deal with high rents amid a city full of empty apartments. But then you follow this up by asking me to quit blaming the system.
      And 'move my shit' somewhere else, then you offer that your 'fucking American' and your not entitled or ignorant.
      But you offer no real argument to justify such statements.

  16. I'm not a city person, I love the quiet, but I do like to be able to drive somewhere with a bit of life if I need to. We live 45 minutes away from London and it's fine to visit but I wouldn't want to live there.

  17. I've lived in Toronto, New York City, Seattle, and now Salt Lake (although I'm not sure Salt Lake counts as a real city). I've also lived in smaller places like Lunenburg in Nova Scotia and Port Dalhousie in Ontario. If you like the bustling city life, that's what you like. Vacation or not, I think you would love it once you finally do move there.

  18. Visualize it! You just want to move, a goal is a good thing to have. Maybe a new project? Kinda... eh.

  19. I've never been to Vancouver, or Canada in general... You make it sound super awesome though!

  20. Went once, Vancouver is awesome...the good and unfortunately the bad.