Sunday, 11 August 2013

Job Hunt Conclusion

I was provided with this neat little guide from It's a chose your own adventure sort of thing but unfortunately, it seems to be geared towards American Universities. So I'm not sure how much they apply to a student in Canada. Still, it's an interesting thing to consider.

The path I took was pretty much what I've been trying to do. Find a full-time job, work for a little bit, then try and go back to grad school once I had saved up some money, paid of debt, and maybe even have my company pay for some of my schooling. If anyone else wants to take a look, I've attached a link to the guide here, because I can't format it properly to fit in this post.

Couldn't get it to fit, sorry.

I've spent the entire summer hunting for full-time employment. I wanted to pay off some debt, save some money and wait out the giant mess with my province's University funding. If it hasn't settled by the time I paid off my debt, I'd probably have to move to a different province for my Masters or maybe switch degrees.

But that was assuming I could even find a job. Again, I've been looking since May now. Few people answered back, and I received even fewer interviews. It was looking more and more like I'd have to go back to school in the fall and work on getting a second undergraduate degree.

That being said, I did get a few interviews.

Not everything is terrible.

Some of you may remember my stint with that one company, the one with the terrible recruiter. Unfortunately, after several weeks of waiting, I contacted the final interviewer and he said I hadn't been selected. Disappointing, but at least I got closure.

However, he did set me up with an interview for a similar position in a nearby town an hour away from the city. I decided to give it a try, see what it would be like, and off I went. They seemed to like me, and I didn't expect to get the job, I mean, my luck hasn't been that great, why should it improve now?

And then they offered me the job.


The first job offer I've gotten in months. Really unexpected especially considering that there were other candidates. What made it especially more daunting was that I'd have to move out to properly work at the position to cut down on travel time in addition to getting my own vehicle.

But after some quick math, I determined that it wasn't really worth it. After paying for rent, food, internet, gas, taxes, I'd be barely making any money at all. And despite how much I wanted the job, I had to decline.

And so, I began to register for courses. When suddenly I got another job interview. No big deal, except it was for a position I never applied for. With a company that never got back to me on the position I actually appled for. Still, I was willing to give it a try. The interview went like this:

Interviewer: So, psychology degree huh?
Me: Yep.
I: This job is kind of boring, do you like computers? It pays decently.
M: Yep.
I: Can you start on Monday?
M: Yep.

And that's how I got a job.


So I start my orientation on Monday. We'll see how it goes. Looks like I'll need to change part of my profile description as I am no longer a student.

I'll also have to change my sleeping patterns, not looking forward to that either.


  1. So, do I envy you, or is this gonna be funny?

  2. You got a job? That's awesome indeed and the job interview sounds like it was quite a fun one. Simple at least. I'm hoping to have one of my own soon and I have similar plans to you. Get a job, work for a bit, save some money, and then be able to do other things.

  3. Oh wow! I wish I could find a new job that easily. I haven't even started applying yet, I have a long road ahead of me.
    Congratulations! :)

  4. If only all job interviews were that piss-easy, haha. Good on you thought, some steady income always helps.

  5. Hey, congrats! Welcome to the workforce!

  6. Glad to hear you got a job! My most recent job (interview) was basically like that. "So here are the facilities you'd be working in. That would be your computer, in theory. You do want this job, right?"

    Me: "Uh, sure?"

    Them: "Okay, see you Monday."

  7. haha wow, that was an easy job interview, congrats

  8. Wow, weird interview but I hope it works out, congrats!

  9. This is brilliant news Damien, really pleased to hear this, congratulations mate. I find it funny that after all the searching the job actually came around in a pretty simple and easy fashion, that seems to be the way quite often too, glad to see that the job hunt has seen you have some success, hopefully orientation goes well and so does your future working time for this company.

  10. Congratulations! A job is hard to find, so even if it's not perfect, it's something.

  11. Good for you!
    When I was looking for a job, I was always amazed at the number of times companies don't bother to even get back to me with what I call an "Up Yours" letter. I understand that not everyone who is interviewed gets hired, but they should at least let you know.
    Hmm...come to think of it, that may be the ultimate "Up Yours."

  12. CONGRATS! That's so awesome!

  13. Great news!!! Congratulations!

  14. lol yay it's happening!
    Congrats on the job :)

  15. Congrats Damien and good luck on the new job! Please let us know hows your first day goes.

  16. Congratulations that's really cool! Hope you enjoy the job and cope with your new sleeping pattern!

  17. Cool interview!

    So what's gonna be your new profile description?