Thursday, 29 August 2013

Work Thus Far

It's about time I talked about my job. I've been working here for 3 weeks now and I think I can give a fairly good update about things. The environment is pretty nice, everyone is fairly close knit and we joke and laugh at each other all the time. The downside is that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, know about each other.

I mean, I've barely even know any of the drivers who deliver the concrete and yet I'll walk by the break room and get, "Hey, you're the new guy with the University degree!".

How much do they know about me?!

So I'm feeling a bit of pressure not to make mistakes or look stupid. I mean, I am an academic, I should be able to do my job better than most, right? Right?

Well actually if what I'm told is correct, I've moved along faster than most of the people I've replaced. I've learned the programs needed to do my job, the more important mixes of concrete, how to respond to customers and when to redirect them, etc. etc. all within the span of two weeks.

I've actually been on the phone taking orders for concrete on my own for this week and with more practice, eventually I'll be allowed to work in dispatch without supervision. Which would be great because not only is it more engaging, but it also pays significantly better.

Close enough.

Until then, I'll have to be delegated to dealing with orders of concrete. Whether it's taking, modifying, or cancelling them, someone has to be there to answer that phone. That's another perk to this job is that I can't fall asleep. Everyone wants something different, the phone is going off nearly all the time, and my shift goes by quickly.

And I'm pretty sure my coworkers appreciate the help. I remember one day when we only had one guy on the phones. Pretty sure he was there for a 12 hour shift with virtually no breaks, dealing with angry people who had to wait up to an hour to be talked to.

And while most of our customers are pretty nice and even enjoyable to talk to, we have a few notorious people who are absolutely horrid to deal with. One particular example comes to mind with a guy called Jim. The conversation goes like this:

Jim: Hi, so uh. I'd like to move my Thursday order to be on the Friday.
Me: So you want to get rid of the Thursday order and have it on Friday?
Jim: No, I want to uh, have the Friday order be like uh, Thursday, but have it 7 meters uh, instead.
Me: Ok, I can do that.
Jim: Except make it um, more. More like the Thursday one that uh, we're moving.
Me: Sorry? What do you want me to do?
Jim: If you could um have the Friday order more, but have it like uh, the Thursday.

This continues until my supervisor realizes who I'm talking to, grabs the phone from me, and later tells me that Jim is notorious for being like this,

Jim later called to change the order, again.

So asides from that things are good. I'll hopefully be having paycheques rolling in and we can begin to do serious damage to my debt. While I am supposed to just work 8 hours a day, that delicious overtime beckons, and I've been trying to find excuses to stay a bit later to learn dispatching.

That being said, my projects are taking a massive hit. It's hard to find the motivation to learn or write after a 9 or 10 hour shift while running on barely any sleep. I'll have to find a way to accommodate everything somehow.


  1. Good to hear it's going well, long may it continue.

  2. Glad to hear that you are doing well in your job..Your job sounds more like mine :S

    All the best

  3. Don't you just love customer service work? Just remember if they're mad, they're not mad directly at you (unless you insult them or something), but just venting and complaining.

    Good luck with the job and paying down the debt! I know what you mean by not having any energy or motivation to do anything outside of work. Even if you manage your time well, it just feels like you don't have time for anything else but work and sleep. I wish you luck.

  4. It can be very hard to keep up your writing which is the main reason I'm looking for a part time job. I want something that can sustain my writing more than it can sustain me. Anyway, the place you work sounds pretty nice really. I'd be creeped out by how much everyone knows but it also does make it friendlier. Just keep at it and don't let the Jims stop you. Problem customers suck and ruin the industry.

  5. Hopefully there's not too many customers like Jim. Sounds like you're enjoying the gig overall!

  6. Make a list of your top three priorities and do only those. Drop any project or activity that doesn't make the top three. Believe me, that's how you survive for the long term in the workplace. No one can "do it all." And get more sleep.

    Jeez, I'm sounding like your Mom now, eh?

  7. We get customers like Jim. I'm sure most of the time they don't even know what they're looking for, they just like to watch the confusion on my face. Sounds like it's going well, anyway :)

  8. I have a Jim-like person at my job - soooo annnnoooyyying! But I'm glad work in general is alright.

  9. It takes time for any one to adjust to their new job. To keep up with projects ends up getting on hold. Now that you are getting used to your new job, you might find it to be less stressful and on your days off you might like to work on your project.

  10. Glad to hear about the job and yeah you get close and know the lives of everyone pretty fast.

  11. Glad to hear that work and things are going good buddy, I really love how you're getting lots of overtime, it always feels good to get even more money. I understand what it's like to be finding it difficult to adapt and multi-task when working, it just comes with time though man. Jim's also an idiot, idiots just come with any job it seems.

  12. Jim sounds like a big idiot

  13. Paychecks are always great. Hard to manage it all, something has to give.

  14. When they know all about you, time to run

  15. I think practice helps more than academics in most jobs :) Get some sleep!

  16. i also hate to work~ >.<

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  17. LOL! I think we all have at least one client like that.

  18. It does sound like you are enjoying the challenges that this job is giving you.
    Customer service can be hard, no matter how highly educated you are

  19. Or you could just get paid there and focus a little less on your projects. When something goes well, why fix it for something that.. doesn't?

  20. The people that you work with make it or break it.

    At-least they are not being annoying :)

  21. Sounds like the job is going well! I have a feeling you'll be promoted once they figure out how competent you are :)

  22. Great to hear. Just watch out for any customers from New Jersey. If they start asking for concrete shoes, you may want to tell someone.

  23. Sounds like you're enjoying the job and at least the university thing will surely help you climb the ladder easier than others good for you!

    The Jim person is LOL!