Sunday, 29 June 2014

On Vacation

Man, I've been bad for keeping a steady posting schedule lately and I apologize for that. Things were hectic before, during, and after the wedding. We've been having tons of dinners and outings with our new cousin and getting to know the new side of the family.

Actually, I've lost about 5 pounds simply because my eating schedule has been thrown completely out of whack. It's a bit of cognitive dissonance really because I look and I feel bigger but my scale says something completely different.


Oh, and I'm on vacation as well if you couldn't tell by the title.

And will continue to be for another week or so. I'm back visiting my friend Erin again in Vancouver. I guess I didn't pester her enough last year so she decided to invite me back for a second round. More shopping, more eating, and more relaxing.

Though not relaxing enough to allow us to do many online activities as opposed to passing out in our respective beds.

I don't look as adorable as that.

Though this time around she had a few unexpected projects from a client pop up so I'll be left to my own devices. I'm hoping to pop by a gym and get a proper workout done. Pushups, sit-ups, and lots of walking aren't the same as doing bench presses and squats. I'd rather not lose another 5 pounds while I'm here.

An unexpected benefit of having Erin be busy is that I'm meeting some of her coworkers. If things go well I may have a job offer or two lined up for me in the future. And if not, it doesn't hurt to make a few connections while I'm in the area.

I'll see you guys when I get back.


  1. Hey, you're going places! Literally!
    And yeah, the connections are always good to have. Networking is super important, even though the benefits often won't manifest immediately.

  2. Never hurts to make connections - you never know where it may lead. Hope you have an awesome vacation.

  3. It doesn't hurt to have connections and this may seem kinda redundant, but don't forget to spend a lot of time with Erin if you can. It's pretty much the main point of visiting her.

  4. Connections are always good, tough to keep the damn weight on too when you can't stick to your schedule

  5. A fun vacation with a friend AND a potential job opportunity? That kind of vacation is hard to beat. Just don't combine the two too much and show up hungover for the interview...

  6. Enjoy the time off! We'll be waiting for you and yes, I bet you do look that adorable.

  7. Eh, losing a little weight isn't so bad considering it's replaced by fun. It'll motivate you to gain it back when your schedule normalizes!

  8. Enjoy the vacation, and good luck on those possible offers.

  9. Enjoy your vacation. And tell me what being on a vacation actually feels like.