Monday, 29 October 2012

That One Guy

My favorite class this term is easily Conservation psychology. It's with one of my favorite Professors who I got to know really well. In fact I'm getting him to write a reference letter for me and I call him by his first name. The class is interesting in that we basically sit and discuss. Pat presents a problem, we talk/debate over it, someone makes a crude joke, we laugh, we move on.

Even better is that after class we generally go for beers at a nearby pub. And I've gotten to know a few classmates and Pat better this way. Professor Pat is an interesting man and he's led an interesting life. I have no idea how he went from serving in the British Special Forces to teaching Psychology at a University.

But there's one caveat to this course, and that's one single student who everyone is kind of sick of. His name is Jason. And he won't. Shut. Up.

And everyone has this look on their face when he talks.

Now it's not a problem with him talking all the time. I talk all the time but I have something relevant to say that's on topic. Jason says stuff to simply be contrary. You know what I'm talking about, someone who says something that opposes the thing you just said just because he can. Half the time conversations with prof. Pat and Jason go something like that:

Jason: [Insert inane banter here]
Pat: . . . .
P: So what's your point Jason?
J: Uh, I don't have one. I was just stating that.
P: Well what's the point in that?
J: Um, I don't know.
P:  Ok, let's not get off topic here. Moving on.

And then the same conversation with happen in about 15 minutes later. Meanwhile the rest of us are making glances at one another, nodding heads in agreement, or shoving our heads into our palms.

Simultaneous facepalms all around!

Did I mention that Jason specifically is doing this for attention? Yeah, he admitted after class one day that he was an attention seeker. He would probably argue that rape is ok, or that we should reinstate slavery, or that the Jews did 9/11. He's just being contrary, half the time he's mumbling barely coherent sentences and it's driving us crazy.

Oh wait, I think some of those topics did come up in class and almost everyone turned and just stared at him. I can't remember. I've just learned to tune out his voice and shove my head into my hands whenever he opens his mouth. Though when people start to glare at him it means he said something really bizarre or very offensive.

What is he even talking about?

Curious thing happened the other day though at the pub. Jason decided to accompany us there for once and it came up in conversation that he was a furry.

And suddenly everything made sense to me.

I apologize if any of my readers are furries but I have never had a good experience with one before. They all seem to have varying levels of social and mental imbalances. I have never met a furry online or in real life that was not disturbing to other non-furries. Feel free to explain yourself if you're out there.

And to anyone who does not have the pleasure of knowing what a furry is. Basically, people who enjoy anthropomorphic animals to the point where they will dress up as them (i.e. fursuits) and engage in adult activities in said apparel. I understand that this is a very broad generalization of them but I'm not willing to go deep into the various subcultures and genres.

Long story short: Every furry I've met and heard of has been a deviant both socially and mentally.

Not posting pictures of furries. Not on my blog.

So Jason clearly has some issues that may or may not be related to him being a furry. Either way, he's a pain and lately he's been randomly missing classes much to the delight of the class.

I just hope he stops soon. It's not a big issue but after many classes of the same nonsense it starts to get to you. It's always the little things in life eh?


  1. Well I can understand what kind of person he's like. I don't like them much either. It's just disruptive and annoying. But the professor sounds pretty cool. I don't think I've had any real bad experiences with furries but they do weird me out sometimes.

  2. "So Jason clearly has some issues that may or may not be related to him being a furry." This line really made me laugh for some reason but when it comes to the guy himself I can see why he's so irksome. I really hate attention seeking people, especially ones like Jason who really doesn't seem to have like anything valuable to add to a conversation at all and the fact that it's not just you who dislikes him but everybody tells me just how much of an annoyance he must be, without sounding mean hopefully he doesn't come back so much or at least wises up.

  3. Sounds like a great professor and great name too haha Wow what a pain in the rump, arguing such stupid things. Never knew what a furry was hahahaha thank god I don't know any of them, that will make a good post though.

  4. >pinning hate towards a group a hateful person (or a few of 'em) are part of

    But eh, he sounds like a bit of a douche. Enjoy the classes for which he doesn't show up, I'd say!

  5. There's one in every crowd. Jason's doing you a favour by teaching you how to tolerate pains in the ass. Believe me, you'll need that skill out in the workforce too.

  6. I hate people who have to argue everything you say. Annoying would be an understatement! Even when they know they are wrong they still press on! What's worse for you is that he is such a distraction to the class!

  7. Jason should change his name to Patrick Star

  8. Hahahaha! This post took a very unexpected turn... you know, I've been accused of being a furry before. Not because I wear furry costumes or anything, but I think because my friends know that I'm rather intrigued by the furry subculture.

    But I would agree - I've only actually met one furry in real life, and she was extremely weird. I guess it makes sense, though... anyone who is more comfortable hiding behind a costume probably isn't going to have the best face-to-face social skills.

  9. Oh good God! YES they are unbalanced!!! Hello!! Why else would you want to....? Well, you know ;)

    I had similar types in classes in college. I wonder if they were all furries?

    (I have to ask, how many furries do you meet that you can say you usually don't have good experiences with them? I have never met anyone who admits to it!)

  10. I'm glad to say I've never met any furries, but I have a met a great many people that need to learn to keep their mouths shut.

  11. lmao thts everyones face in my german lessons, and then the teacher just repeats it in english. I havent met a furry, s I cant relate :/ although soeone thought my panda kigu was furry related which made me sad :<

  12. Wow. CSI had an episode with furries and plushies, but I've certainly never met one.

  13. First of all I want to say that the placement and timing of "And suddenly everything made sense to me." made me laugh my f***ing ass off. I have NO ass to laugh with any more. Thank you, very much.

    Secondly, well you're studying psychology. Maybe it's not because he's furry that he has a problem, maybe it's the problems that make him a furry. I know I've met a few furries and I've only ever met one that was actually a pretty decent guy, but I also realized they had similar problems at youth.. not pretty ones.

    Anyway, just apply what you've learned so far when he opens his mouth. You already now he does it for attention, but use him as practice. Just to understand someone often gives things a different light.

  14. what, what? A professor who takes his students for a beer??? Hmmmm.....

  15. LMAO! I've known many a contrary person like Jason. It makes me want to take my mini White Sox baseball bat to their heads. It's a good one too, solid wood that will leave a good impact. :)

  16. He sounds like a person with . . . problems. At least you have a good professor, right?

  17. Maybe it's a Jason thing. I know several Jason's that just woooon't shut up! haha, poor Pat....and you and everybody else, for that matter!

  18. Hmmmm...maybe it's good I haven't encountered any furries.

  19. Does Jason sit the same place every class? If so an anonymous, STFU Jason! note might be just the thing. (Obviously just make sure you do it before he gets to class.)

  20. lol why is it that its always a guy named jason that acts this way in class. ive ran across of a few of these.

  21. Any class where you go for beers afterwards is a good one ;)

  22. this is a good one DWei and always enjoy your pics or draws, are funny, so this Jason is a....
    Really you are allergic to nuts or you love teasing me??

  23. I spent a quarter of an hour looking for the term furry and didn't completely understand the defenition of this subculture. And then I saw you explaining that.. :)