Monday, 13 January 2014

Project Jason: New Schedule

One week back into classes I think I've finally gotten a hang of things. Note that because I'm an open studies student (a.k.a. not actively working towards a degree), I can only take 2 courses a term. Which is fine, I'm only missing two per-requisites for the after-degree program that I want to get into. And because I managed to cram both of them on Tuesday and Thursday, this gives me a very nice 4 day long weekend AND Wednesdays off.

Unfortunately, this does not mean I get to relax any time. Oh no, if anything, I'm working as hard as ever.

Yeah! Motivational pictures!

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday consist of me going to the gym with Eli, my personal trainer. Some days things don't work so to compensate, we do double work-outs like chest and back on the same day, or chest and shoulders. It's not fun, I mean, I'm in the gym for over 2 hours on these days. Still preferable to leg day though.

God, I hate leg day.

BUT, I still have those sessions that I purchased from the gym that Eli quit from. I have a bunch of people that are still considering taking them off me, but they're taking such a long time deciding. So, I do another round of working out with who we'll call Trainer D on Tuesday and Thursdays after class, and on Saturdays before work.

For those wondering, No. No I still don't like Trainer D.

Some of you probably think I'm working out way too much now. But that's the thing, despite my heavy work-outs with Eli the day before, I'm fine. Trainer D's workouts do nothing to me. What we've been mostly doing is form.

Listen, I understand that form is important to doing things like deadlifts (which are supposed to be great for mass gain) but it makes more sense to (to me) to do these with low weights, adjust my form during/after each rep/set and go from there.

Do we really need to spend half an hour with me flexing my shoulder blades to make sure my back is straight? Yes, I've had bad posture most of my life and I'm starting to work on that, but if I really wanted to work on posture and flexibility, I'll sign up for a yoga class.

Seriously, the only times we've ever done anything that left me kind of sore after is anything regarding legs. But I've "missed" leg day for a few weeks now, so he only gets half points. Also, I know that if we did these with Eli, we would have kept pushing until I was left a hobbling cripple.

And waddle like this for the rest of the week.

Oh, and another thing that bothers me about Trainer D is the inflexibility of his schedule. Last Saturday I couldn't make it to my session on time, so I text him and let him know. He then responds back saying that "Sorry, but I still have to charge you for the session. You need to let me know at least 24 hours in advance.".

Well that's just great. Good workout.

Eli never had that problem when he was my trainer back then, and he still doesn't. In fact, that's why I signed up for half a year's worth of sessions with him, because he knew the volatility of my schedule but still allowed me to cancel at nearly any time. So fine, I now proceed to cancel in advance all the sessions that I have that I may not be able to make on time. Trainer D doesn't really like this either.

Too bad.

For those that don't want to turn upside down, it says "Deal with it".

I literally have no good reason to stay with Trainer D. The sessions are more expensive (more than double what Eli charges), the sessions are shorter and are cut short even if we don't finish everything planned, cancellations are inflexible, I don't feel sore at the end of the sessions, the list goes on.

We are working on "foundation" he says. It feels like we're just doing a bunch of warm-up exercises. Welp, the "end" of foundation is coming up and maybe Trainer D will have a second chance to impress me. I've had about half a dozen paid sessions with him so far and I'm unimpressed. Eli impressed me so much with 2 free sessions that I was convinced to buy half a year of training with him.

Anyone interested in buying the rest off me? I really don't want them.


  1. like the photo
    winner and quote

  2. I really need to begin weight training in order to tone more. I don't want to gain weight or even lose much, but I want to tone.

  3. Eli sounds like a good trainer :) I hope all goes well with your classes

  4. I wonder if you can switch trainers and still use your sessions? Trainer D can't be the only guy at the gym, right?

  5. that sucks about trainer D

  6. Trainer D does sound like someone to ditch, hopefully someone takes them off your hands

  7. Let's just hope form is really damn important for a good workout, but nobody really realizes it. Yeah who am I kidding, spending that much time on form can't be normal. And from that whole cancelation deal it sounds like the D's in it for the money. :u

  8. So I'm assuming with all these work out sessions you must be very muscular now?

  9. Yeah no, not interested in trainer D. My brother's studying to become a physical trainer, I might just take him up on whatever he has to offer. So much better.

  10. Eli is a guy?
    All this time I thought it was a she

  11. Damn, man, how long have you been working out now? And he still wants to work solely on foundation? Yes, foundation is important, but this isn't the geriatrics class at the YMCA. He should be busting your ass hard at the same time. Hope you find someone to give those sessions to.

  12. Wishing you luck with the next go around, and hoping Trainer D. surprises you with most excellent workouts in the next phase. :)

  13. Hope you sell of the sessions with D, sounds like a bad match

  14. You're the customer, can you switch trainers?

  15. And...yeah. If I could be as flexible as that owl, I'd never leave the house.

  16. Dont know if you remember me Mr.Derp but I re created my tech blog! Following!

  17. Yeah, I'd definitely ditch this trainer!

  18. I'll take 'em...but then I'd lack the motivation to continue. :P


  19. I've never had a personal trainer but I still wouldn't continue with D.