Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Rough Start to the New Year

Happy new years to everyone out there. Unfortunately I have to keep this post short again. As the title may suggest, things aren't exactly spectacular for me. Bit of an unfortunate start to 2014 really. Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been making my usual rounds around the Blogosphere lately. Well, it's a bit hard to when your primary computer was crashing every few hours but is now crashing every 5 minutes. It forces you to use your inferior, overheating, and crashing (slightly less often) laptop.

We think it might be stick of corrupted RAM or a driver issue. I'm still waiting on a friend to take a look at it for me.

Also, I mentioned back here that I wanted to use my mass number of airmiles to go to an event called Magfest. Unfortunately I can't go this year. Just because you have the airmiles to get a free ticket doesn't mean you'll be able to get a returning flight in time for classes.

Oh and also, I mentioned here that I had an excess number of personal training sessions at my old gym that I wanted to get rid of. Still haven't been able to get rid of them much to my dismay. You'd think that with the new year around the corner more people would be interested but this has not been the case.

I have to end this post with no pictures. This laptop was never designed to do more than take notes and be used for temporary entertainment before I could use my superior desktop. Instead of hitting the ground running for 2014, I've hit the ground face first. Welp, things can only go up from here right?


  1. seems rough start but is nothing changes in one day expect 2013 now its 2014

  2. OH NOOOO i'm sorry. Computer problems are the WORST.

  3. It is easier said than done, but hang in there. Sometimes when things are going wrong like this, you might get discouraged> Hopefully things will turn around for you. We will all be waiting here patiently for your writing.
    I hope that the rest of the year goes smoother than the first day.

  4. Well better a broken computer than a broken you

  5. Things can only go up. It's a shame you had such a lousy start to the year. Get your computer fixed and you'll be on your way back up. Depending on how long the airmiles last you might still get to go some other time, or find some other convention you'll enjoy more.

  6. Keep a happy thought -- things will improve!

  7. I had to use a awful computer for almost a year or maybe a little more. It would freeze all the time. By the end it would last about two minutes

  8. is all up from here . :P

  9. I'm sorry to hear about your computer. I've got some corruption going on as of the new year too nothing as bad, but it's still a discomfort.

    I know what it's like to post from an inferior computer though. You are brave.

  10. I'm sorry, you have ads for "walk where Jesus stood", eyelash growth, and "shocking horoscopes", which are making me laugh! Hope your computer ills are fixed soon.

  11. It can be ram problem or driver problem
    there is on option in windows in properties restart windows you need to find that and disable it
    Win 7
    Control panel
    System properties
    Startup and Recovery – system startup system failure and debug
    In this click on settings – system failure – Automatically restart
    Uncheck the option and see that it may solve your problem

  12. Aaw! I wish that everything will be better soon. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  13. Sorry about all the issues :( Maybe you're just getting them all over at the beginning of the year, and the rest of 2014 will go swimmingly? :)