Saturday, 17 May 2014

Haitus Recap: End of Term

Around when I disappeared back in March finals were around the corner. Normally this would be a time of stress, panic, and chaos as I scramble to deal with assignments and papers while I struggle to fit in time to study.

Not this time. I mean, firstly I only have 2 classes. Secondly, these classes don't count towards my GPA because I need to have a minimum of 3 classes a term to qualify for a full course load. So as long as I passed, that's all that mattered.

More time for League of Legends.

For those unaware, last term I was taking the last few prerequisites in an attempt to get into a Business after-degree in the following Fall semester. Economics 101 and 102 were generally dry but I was passing all my assignments and doing above class average on all the exams.

It didn't help that the assignment answers could often be found via a quick Google search, in the exact same question and answer format. I mean seriously, some of these searches yielded results as far back as 2008.

And guess what, they were almost always correct.

Finals comes along and I'm not worried at all. Well, as is my nature, I start cramming half a week in advance because I'm an idiot. You'd think with all the schooling I've had at this point I'd learn to start studying a bit earlier instead of procastinating so much.

You thought wrong.

Still, the exams went fairly well. I was particularly worried about the Econ 102 exam because I only had enough time to check over 1/3rd of my answers. Then as I was getting up I saw the girl behind me scrambling to bubble in her answers.

The student in front of me put down B for the last 30 answers.


A few weeks pass, and without a doubt I pass. Not a problem. But what's the current problem I'm having?

I won't know if I got accepted into the Business program until August.


Because the administration is lazy.

Seriously, all my friends who got in didn't get notified until August. And because they make us send in applications in March, you'd think that it wouldn't take half a year to determine if we could get in. In the administration's defense though they were getting so many applicants that they had to raise the minimum GPA from 2.1 to an astounding (wait for it)


My GPA is above a 3.0. I think I'll be safe.


  1. Good luck getting into the program, it sucks that you don't find out until August. I really can't understand why it takes them so long.

  2. Half a year? That's insane man. What if for some reason you don't get it? They wouldn't leave you with any time to come up with or execute a backup plan.
    You'll be fine though, from the sound of it.

  3. lol at the guy who put B for his last 30 answers

  4. Where do you find those crazy gifs? They're always so appropriate!

  5. Damn that is a long arse time. Well at least circling 30 B's they are bound to get a few right

  6. Good luck, and I think procrastination mist is somehow transferred into classes and homes from the air ducts. It also affected me and millions of other students. You are, however, an inspiration for me to do well in school. Thank you.

  7. 3.0 is very good. I am sure you are very safe.
    I am not sure about Grad school admissions notifications because my kids were out of the house right after undergrad. I never went to Grad school.
    Best wishes.

  8. That is a very long wait. But sounds like you will get in

    I mean why would anyone do that :P

  10. Pretty sure you got this dude. Of course, the waiting is the hardest part

  11. It's so annoying when people who work for school are lazy! I hope you'll hear it soon :) I'm sure you got in, you seem like a smart guy :)

  12. I want to be one of those professors that makes all of the answers completely random except for the last 30, which ARE all Bs, just to mess with people.

    Waiting until August sucks, but at least you can be confident about it, so you aren't truly on the edge of your seat.

  13. Congrats on completing finals. I know how stressful they can be.
    Good luck on getting into the program. I am sure you are wishing August was here already :)

  14. I have a feeling you'll get in without any difficulty. BUT it would be nice to be notified in a timely fashion.

  15. I got all the way through a Ph.D. program without learning decent study skills. I think it's just in my nature to be a last minute crammer.

  16. Hey waiting is fun. You're doing it right now, and will be for a while. Just look at yourself and all the fun you're having to..

    I really can't find a silver lining you haven't already pointed out. May it be early August!

  17. Ah...procrastination, a dear frennemy of mine too. Hope it all turns out good.