Friday, 16 November 2012

Projects Galore

The great thing about this term is the general lack of final exams I have. Technically, I only have 1 but one of my classes has an unofficial final so I have only 2 finals to write in total.

The catch? I have a ton of papers and projects that have deadlines that are slowing approaching. And I've barely started on any of them. Which is not good, but I'll survive.

I hope.

Aging Psych:

I mentioned in a previous post how I was doing volunteer work instead of a paper. It involved helping out with some online stuff, writing things up. No problem there, I thrive online and I own a blog.

But it took until mid October for me to get in touch with the coordinators running the thing and I didn't start any work until early November. That, is a problem.

So now I'm kind of rushing here to get enough things done so I can get a decent grade. I think I'm going to need roughly 3 more blog posts for them before the end of the month. They're only 300-400 word posts each so I should be safe. That'll take an hour each to write.

Total time = 3 Hours.

Conservation Psych:

Got a paper here, 2500 words. Not too heavy though I really should get started on it. Probably take me a solid 5 hours to get this done. Basically, take an issue in the world related to conservation, suggest a way that would fix it but then outline all the issues that would prevent this solution from being implemented.

The biggest problem I find is not say overpopulation, but rather over-consumption. What if half the population of the world was wiped out but the remaining populous started using/wasting materials at double the rate? We haven't solved anything have we.

I've actually been meaning to have a post dedicated to this class. It's an interesting course.

Total time = 3 +5 = 8 Hours.

Social Influences:

Here's where things messy. We got two projects here that are due. 1 is a group project that has not been started but (hopefully) on Sunday my group can finally meet. I have no idea how long this is going to take. We're filming something that doesn't have a script written yet.

Second project is basically a massive paper. I need to research and create a hypothetical textbook chapter. This includes graphs, pictures, researching the topic and seeing as a textbook chapter for this class is roughly 30 pages long, this will not be a walk in the park.

Total time = 8 + ???? + ???? = ????


I still have the GRE exam to write at the end of the month. I haven't started studying yet. Yes, this is the 4 hour long exam I have to write to apply to for Grad school next year.

No I have not started studying.

If it's any consolation it's supposed to be easy. Interpreting chunks of text, impromptu papers, that sort of thing.

Still, I should probably try and take a look at what's to come. I didn't bother buying the help guides. Not when there are free ones available and what not.

Total time = ???? + ????

Better get started.

So if you rarely hear from me in the next few weeks. These are the reasons why.

I am not looking forward to this.


  1. I don't miss those kind of projects.
    Although I do have some projects of my own which I talk about in my next post.
    My back hurts just thinking about them.

  2. Yeah that is quite a lot of work to do there. The conservation one sounds pretty interesting though. And you're right, it is consumption that is the problem and I feel that if the population halved, consumption may actually double.

  3. Best of luck with everything buddy. While from a neutral standpoint it's awesome and interesting to read about the various things a psychology student does it must be tough on you with all these exams coming out, I'm going to understand why you can't talk much during the next while but keep us updated if everything goes good and you get some free time.

  4. Good luck, sounds like lots of fun, err umm, maybe not.

  5. Busy few weeks then, but I'm sure you'll be fine. That Conservation Psych does sound interesting, and if you do go with that topic your essay should be interesting too, over-consumption is certainly a big worry.
    Good luck with all your assignments!

  6. It's alright man, I know how that is.

    Good luck on your turning in your papers

    Hope your group is a working one

  7. I see a few all-nighters in your future. Good luck!

  8. no more twinkies, the zombie apocalypse is near

  9. lots of writing
    be positive

  10. Oh.. but you'll have fun. So much fun... lol.

  11. Yikes! Good luck...that is a hell of a lot of psychology. If the GRE seems easy to you, though, this shouldn't be too bad.

  12. Yeah, you're going to be a busy dude. But you can take a short breather between semesters. Good luck!

  13. I think it will be hard to get people to stop over consuming. It would be like trying to wrestle a Big Mac out of a professional wrestlers paws.

  14. Please don't forget to set aside time to rest and play! Good grief - that's a heavy workload! Good luck!! Take care

  15. Good luck with it all! I understand how tough it is now. My social life is zilch. xxx

  16. Keep your head up once this is over you will have loads of time again and you will miss being busy. Trust me!

  17. Dwei the Lean Grumpster... how does that sound to you? You have to admit it has a ring to it. But I agree, a 4-hour exam is a bit too much. I'd never do that to my students. It's 2 hours max.

    Good luck... Lean Grumpster

  18. That's sounds really nice, keep on reading, lol.

  19. Just remember, you won't be doing nearly this much work when you're actually working in a nice, stable career.

    ...Sad that I'm not kidding.

  20. Sounds like you have a lot to keep you busy!

  21. You just made me feel a whole lot better with my routine 9 to 5 job lol. Hunker down work times in your schedule and it will go well.

  22. ah, Demian, you should find delight in exams not trouble and difficulties. It's your future profession, the subjects should interest you and fill you with eagerness to learn more and develop your knowledge

  23. Good grief! and Good luck. May you say sane.

  24. If anyone can do this, I think it's you.

  25. I'd like to say it will all be worth it in the end, but actually I'm not sure that's true. Good luck!