Monday, 25 March 2013

Taking it Too Easy?

Ok, as much fun as its been, I think it's time I get off my butt and back to work on something. All this spare time could be used a lot more efficiently. As relaxing as its been, even after just 1 week I'm starting to feel like a bum doing nothing but sleeping in past noon, and then sitting around until I either have classes and/or work to go to.

And then coming home to lounge about, staring at cat pictures on Reddit.

I mean, I could work on the massive backlog of games I have on Steam but again, somehow I think my time could be used a bit better. Maybe if I could start making a consistent amount of profit from some my projects I could take a break or something.

Speaking of which I believe I've found something that could drastically improve efficiency and progress of the second phase of Project Derp. What would take me a few months to do by hand could be automated and ready to go within a few weeks.

For the low, low price of $20.

Sounds suspicious...

I'm hesitant because it sounds too good to be true. It's also fairly new, barely a few months old, and yet there are rave reviews for it. Also, I've seen the quality of work produced by similar products and I am less than impressed. There is a demo which I definitely will be trying but I'm not going to be expecting a miracle.

It'll be quickly apparent if this works or not. And that means I can actually do a blog post about it pending its success instead of being vague and cryptic. I've learned a lot these last few months thanks to my projects but I want this knowledge to translate into something tangible.

And by that I mostly mean money.

Which I will proceed to spend on hotdogs.

In other news, I've started a new project which I am dubbing Project Koi. I've only been working on it for a week and already it has disappointed me, surprised me, filled me with dread and regret, only to surprise me again.

Seriously, I am letting this thing run for another week, and if it keeps horrifying me like this, I'm cutting it off. I know my limits, I know what I am capable of. And if this project turns into a failure, I'll immediately make a blog post about it and we can have a good laugh.

Don't worry, from an outsider's view, this is probably hilarious. But from an insider? Probably less fun.

People on the internet are scary.

I'll see you guys Thursday.


  1. Aww come on dude, tell us a little more! You're getting me all curious here!
    In any case, hope your projects work out as intended. You need to feel that finishing feel.

  2. I'm so confused with all your projects! What's this magic efficiency tool?? I NEED TO KNOOOOW!

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing....

  3. I don't know WTF this post was about, but good luck!

  4. haha yeah scary indeedm that crap that is too good to be true usually is, reviews can be bought

  5. I've kind of fallen into the belief that when something is too good to be true then 9 times out of 10 it often is so proceed with caution buddy. Great post mate, while it can be fun to do nothing like you say it's a good idea to stay busy and get back to action, good luck mate!

  6. So mysterious with all these projects, love the first pic, it is my phone's notification sounds...scares the shit out of people ha ha.

  7. Enjoy your leisure time I'd say. Hope your project works out in the end. Good luck!

  8. If only you understood what reading this is like. I read, I go:

    "Oh, that's something. Literally. How do I comment about something I know nothing about, and was told just a bit more about? Hm. Well it sounds like.. well.. Maybe I'll post a comment about how... uhm.. I'll just say what's on my mind."

    And I just did. It's not a complaint, it's just really weird. Enjoy your free time though, you won't have it forever.

  9. I wish you better luck with your projects than I've had with mine over the last two months! One in particular blew up in my face this morning.

    Blech. Oh well. Back to the drawing board!

  10. I'm super curious about these top-secret projects. Of course, if it really does turn out to be a cat collecting hot dogs, that would be awesome.

  11. ahahah.... love the cat picture!

  12. I love the name you give your projects. I'm going to start giving mine name - maybe that will entice me to finish them.

    So, to find your feeds...

    As I recall blogger has a widget you can add (but I still like Feedburner better.)

  13. I need some new projects beyond diy and gardening, so I'm fascinated to hear about yours.

    I've always found that taking it easy for too long always end in depression.

  14. I look forward to seeing what these projects are all about!!

  15. Yep, I have no idea what you're talking about. However, as a techie, automation for $20? I'd be skeptical too. Keep us posted. Or just tell us. That's cool, too.

  16. Interesting. Can't wait to learn what you're working on.

  17. That scene from despicable me is my faaavorite!

  18. Good luck with your newest projects! Have a great weekend~